VDR Plugin Survey 2008 - Results part 2

The second part of the results from the VDR Survey 2008 will concentrate on the VDR plug-ins.

Altogether there were 305 plug-ins for which the participants could select, if they use the plug-in or if they would like to use it, but can't for some reason. For each plug-in it was also possible, to leave a free text comment.

493 participants took part in the plug-in survey.

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VDR Plugin Survey 2008 - Auswertung Teil 2

Im zweiten Teil der Auswertung der VDR Umfrage stehen die Plugins im Mittelpunkt.

Insgesamt standen 305 Plugins zur Auswahl, zu denen die Umfrageteilnehmer angeben konnten, ob sie dieses Plugin verwenden oder nicht oder ob sie es gern verwenden würden aber aus irgendwelchen Gründen nicht können. Außerdem konnte jedes Plugin frei kommentiert werden.

Insgesamt haben 493 Teilnehmer eine Bewertung zu den Plugins abgegeben.

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VDR Plugin Survey 2008

I've started a small survey about VDR and the VDR plug-ins and kindly ask you to participate.


The main reason for this survey is, that there are currently more than 300 plug-ins available for VDR (according to the English and German VDR Wiki).

That's a lot!

As a member of the Debian VDR packaging project (we currently just have about 120 plug-ins packaged), I would like to know, which are the plug-ins that are really used and which are the ones that aren't used at all.

As a result of this survey, we would like to drop Debian packaging support for some of the rarely and not used plug-ins that are not maintained by their authors anymore and identify interesting plug-ins that might be good candidates for an official release in Lenny +1 .

This survey is not just about the Debian VDR packages. It's main focus is on VDR and VDR plug-ins in general and I hope, it will be useful for other distribution maintainers and developers as well.

I will make the results and all the collected data available to the public under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY-SA), after the survey has been finished.

The survey is completely anonymous! You have to register with an email address and a password, but they will only be stored as an SHA hash in the database and will be randomized once more, before the data is made available to the public. The survey will not send any emails or do other nasty stuff!

If you have any problems with the survey or your are missing a plug-in, just write me a small note to: vdr-plugin-survey-2008@e-tobi.net

Thanks for your participation!

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